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CoSector-University of London and IntelliBoard Announce Partnership to Support UK Universities

CoSector-University of London, a digital IT provider of services within the UK has partnered with IntelliBoard, to provide reporting and analytics for their LMS clients.

CoSector – University of London, a leading provider of digital, recruitment, and housing services, as well as fairs and events for universities and also for large and small organisations in the public and commercial areas, has partnered with IntelliBoard, the premier SaaS solution for reporting and analytics for the LMS environment.

Universities, businesses, and other organisations currently served by CoSector’s digital services can now access IntelliBoard, the premier reporting and analytics provider for the Moodle™ LMS and Moodle Premium Integrator.

Users of the Moodle LMS now have access to expanded reporting and analytics capabilities, provided by IntelliBoard, to inform their educational business decision-making. IntelliBoard provides expanded reporting functionality, personalisation, dashboard templates, conditional notifications and an AI assisted search function. Expanded features allow LMS users to validate eLearning efforts through user-friendly, on-demand, real-time insight and improve workflows.

Greater flexibility and customisation

IntelliBoard users have the ability to customise views based upon admin-defined organisational roles within their respective institutions, e.g. manager, supervisor, division chair. Options are limitless.

AI assisted search

LISA, Learning Intelligence Search Automation, allows users to type queries using natural language. LISA returns instant results, and goes further by identifying existing reports that may help to inform the user’s search for data.

Conditional event notifications

CEND, Conditional Event Notifications Dashboard, creates customised notifications based upon conditional events, such as “learner spent less than [x] time in courses,” “learner site inactivity,” or “learner grade below class average.”

James Silcock, Commercial Director for CoSector, stated:

“Partnering with Intelliboard will allow CoSector – University of London to offer a smarter and much-needed solution for our Digital Learning customers to monitor and report on the learning experience of their students, as well as providing improved insights on the overall performance of their Digital Learning Platform.”

Dr. Tonya Riney, EVP, IntelliBoard stated,

“We started providing reporting and analytics to the University of London in 2019, and we are thrilled to be able to introduce the reports, monitors, dashboards, and every other beautiful piece of data to everyone throughout the system.” She continued, “IntelliBoard allows real-time data to influence the learning of students, and contributes to the educational process.”

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