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EdTech consultancy supports SEED Initiative for Eating Disorders with Technology

@DataArt, a global software engineering firm, today announced that it has joined forces with The Wisdom Partnership, a full-service #EdTech consultancy, to build a new learning platform for SEED, a UK-based charity offering support services for those suffering from Eating Disorders. The first joint act under the agreement will provide technical and marketing support to SEED.

DataArt is building a customized integrated learning platform using Open Source technology that will deliver the SEED Educational Toolkit content in a coherent and updatable format. The platform will be based on Moodle (a course management system, or CMS) – a free Open Source software package designed to help educators facilitate effective online learning. Moodle is a frequent choice for learning-related activities in organizations. DataArt will customize the software to meet SEED’s specific business and educational delivery needs and the platform will allow SEED to deliver better and more integrated services to its audience. Moodle implementation is just one component in the portfolio that will be provided to SEED.

Eating Disorders are a significant problem, and the issue has only worsened during the lockdown. With the new learning platform, SEED will be able to deliver enhanced information to the wider audience, thus making a stronger impact and helping more people suffering from or impacted by Eating Disorders. Combining DataArt’s technology expertise with The Wisdom Partnership’s industry knowledge and network makes it possible to work with SEED on every aspect of its mission, from strategy consulting to
implementing custom technology solutions.  

The new solution will enable SEED to maintain content within the platform and provide every person it serves with access to the most current body of knowledge on Eating Disorders. Additionally, it will make content creation and administration seamless. Ultimately, SEED will benefit from high-end consulting and high-end technology accessible via a single interface.

With both TWP and DataArt actively entering the UK educational sector at the same time that SEED seeks to address a problem exacerbated by the lockdown and psychological pressure of the pandemic, the partnership could not come at a better time.   

For the moment, the DataArt and TWP partnership is focused on the SEED learning platform. However, the future holds significant promise for more collaboration in serving clients in EdTech, educational institutions, and any organisations or businesses that offer education or training in-house.

Anton Bagrov, Senior Account Executive at DataArt, says: “Corporate social responsibility projects are something we value highly at DataArt. In the recent past, we collaborated with the UK’s Dot Com Children’s Foundation to help build an innovative digital safety resource, and we’re always looking to support more charitable organizations. We are excited to embark on this journey with TWP and SEED, particularly at a time when SEED’s work is so important.”

Stuart Abrahams – Partner of TWP says:

Having worked with DataArt on the DotCom project I’m delighted to be working with the DataArt again.
Anton has put together an amazing team of professionals, and their grasp of the concept and understanding of our requirements has been outstanding.

As the project developed, new expertise has been bought into the team and their professionalism continually impresses.

On behalf of our clients, The Wisdom Partnership looks forward to a long and successful partnership with DataArt.

Gemma Oaten – Patron and General Manager of SEED says:

Seed is a tiny charity striving to cope with the ever rising demand on our services.

We created the initial version of the Toolkit a number of years ago to raise awareness of the devastating effects of Eating Disorders in schools and provide an easy to use tool for teachers with no experience or training.
We’re delighted to be working with both TWP and DataArt along with their experts to create an updated Toolkit platform so we can carry on offering a service that’s both relevant and engaging and that will undoubtedly save lives. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity.  

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