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Degreed announces AI product enhancements, partnerships, to improve upskilling and reskilling experiences

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Degreed, the learning platform that makes skills-powered learning easy for hundreds of companies globally, announces product enhancements and partnerships to make continuous skill-building easier. These advances include upgrades to the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams, a new reporting feature for L&D teams, improvements to the search experience using generative AI, and the launch of Degreed Content Marketplace.

With the latest Degreed release, the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams makes learning in-the-flow-of-work more intuitive and seamless for both individuals and admins without having to switch between different screens and platforms. Studies have shown that five working weeks per year are wasted by employees toggling between different systems. This update gives a similar experience across both the Degreed main platform and the Microsoft Teams App, saving individuals time and effort in accessing their learning. So far, customers using the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams have seen user engagement rise by an average of 64%.

The Degreed Microsoft Teams App can be customized with a name and icon to better fit with customer branding and naming of their Degreed platforms. Organizations that have a Featured Page within their Degreed instance will now have the same Featured Page accessible within the App to give a consistent experience no matter how learners access Degreed.

Alongside this comes additional enhancements to the reporting feature for L&D teams, making it easier to schedule regular reports. Such reports are being used to inform future learning strategies and investments, as well as gain stakeholder buy-in for long-term L&D plans. A  boosted filtering experience also enables L&D admins to find the right insights and data quickly.

Improvements to the Search experience in the Degreed LXP include using OpenAI NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm to suggest skills more closely related to search terms (user data is not shared with OpenAPI). For employees who have a preferred language set-up, they can also choose to see results in that language only. Degreed is also innovating with AI-powered translations to deliver learning content in an individual’s native language automatically within the platform. 

Degreed is also celebrating its Spotlight Status on the SAP Store, reflecting the strong performance of Degreed in the SAP Store and the natural evolution of collaborative efforts from both companies over the past few years. The partnership between edX and Degreed is also expanding to include Academies and Content Marketplace, bringing more opportunities for individuals to upskill in business-critical areas like leadership, communication, sustainability, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Recognizing a need for deep skilling around business-critical needs, Degreed is launching the Content Marketplace, an additional platform that works with Degreed’s learning platform. It enables L&D teams to build a strong internal talent pipeline through custom programs and internal academies, collaborative learning, and personal learning stipends that they can spend on thousands of curated skill-building programs within the marketplace. Content Marketplace can scale from one individual to entire teams, plugging skills gaps across organizations and providing tailored skilling across employee onboarding, leadership development, AI and digital transformation, or functional upskilling. 

David Blake, CEO of Degreed said,

“At Degreed, we’re not just developing a platform; we’re cultivating a skill-building powerhouse that adapts at the speed of change. By harnessing AI and forging robust partnerships, we’re transforming the learning landscape to seamlessly align with individual ambitions and pressing business imperatives. Our objective is clear: to equip professionals with the skills of tomorrow, today—ensuring that upskilling isn’t just an option, but a natural step in every career journey.”

Discover more about Degreed’s future product plans at Vision on 14th December. 

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