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Digital learning innovation comes to the UK charity sector

Today’s digital world has disrupted conventional learning and development methods and led to a rise in popularity of peer to peer learning and the appetite for training via digital channels.  In response to this changing landscape, Clear Lessons Foundation has launched a new digital platform which provides free, video learning resources for UK charity workers and volunteers. 

Only an estimated 5% of charity workers engage with traditional in-house learning and development teams, yet recent research reveals that one fifth of charities have a skills gaps. Charity workers and volunteers are also time and resource poor which negatively impacts their own learning and development and widens the skills gap even further.

Clear Lessons Foundation’s video-only concept is the future of learning and development for the charity sector. It provides more than 1,200 bite-size educational, learning and development opportunities for the 13 million staff and volunteers currently working in the sector. Its videos cover a wide range of topics identified as being where the skills gaps lie; including marketing, fundraising, social media, HR, planning, management and more.

With Clear Lessons Foundation, learning can take place anytime, anywhere and allows charity workers and volunteers to learn in much more flexible way at their own pace. They can dip in and out of learning and only watch videos relevant to their development needs or areas of interest. All videos are filmed as unscripted talking head interviews where workers share their knowledge, experience, practical tips and best practice advice which can be applied directly in the workplace and have clear learning outcomes.

Martin Baker, Founder and Chief Executive of Clear Lessons Foundation, comments: “There has never been more pressure on the UK charity sector. From the intense public scrutiny over fundraising practices, to reductions in public expenditure, financial instability, the uncertainty of Brexit and the impending introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“With all of these mounting pressures, learning and development can often be forgotten. Clear Lessons Foundation provides the free help and support the sector needs to help its workers and volunteers upskill, develop and ultimately continue making such an immeasurable contribution to our society.”

Clear Lessons Foundation’s suite of video learning resources from a range of charity workers including from Barnardo’s; Breast Cancer Care and Good Things Foundation (formerly Tinder Foundation). The team are always looking for more charities to film and new topics relevant to the sector to cover. For more information, please email Martin Baker.

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