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Duke Kunshan University responds to the challenges of new technologies such as AI, robotics and quantum computing

Duke Kunshan University launches under-graduate programme targeting UK and European students allowing them to study in China and the US and gain a degree from one of the world’s top universities

Duke Kunshan University, a leading Sino-foreign university jointly set up by Duke University in the U.S. and Wuhan University in China, has launched its first under-graduate programme.

The university is targeting students in the UK and Europe with a syllabus designed to educate students to respond to the challenges of new technologies such as AI, robotics and quantum computing, creating globally-minded citizens who can meet the needs of the jobs of the future.

Given current debate around the cost of UK university education and the value that education delivers to students, Duke Kunshan will offer a very different opportunity to its peers which includes:

  • Global-approach: Students spend two semesters studying at Duke University in Durham, US, and the rest of their time at Duke Kunshan outside Shanghai
  • Classes conducted in four, seven week modules to respond to the compressed learning style of Millennials
  • Liberal arts education: Students have a broad academic education and choose their Major subject at the end of year two
  • Low student to faculty ratio (11:1)
  • Students graduate with two degrees (one from Duke University, the other from Duke Kunshan) and join Duke’s 170,000 strong Alumni network
  • All classes conducted in English with all international students learning Mandarin
  • Duke Kunshan will build on Duke’s reputation for research and focus on research into data science, environment, global health, Chinese studies and science and technology policy and innovation

Denis Simon, executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan University stated: “Today, China is the world’s second-biggest economy. In times gone by, many families would send their children to be educated in America or Europe, believing that the world’s best universities could only be found in those countries.

“That has changed as students look at how University education prepares them for life after graduation. Creating a global viewpoint and understanding and the ability to work and interact internationally is critical and we are witnessing more and more students from the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Japan and other countries applying to study at Duke Kunshan University.”

The application process closes on 3 January for the first undergraduate programme, starting in August 2018.

By the time the inaugural class of students declare their majors in 2020, there will be a choice of about 20 majors, including Economics, Data Science and Big Data, Material Science/Physics, Political Economy/Political Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, History, Global health, Biology, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and more.

International students from outside of Chinese mainland are required to submit either their SAT or ACT test scores. All enrolled students are automatically entered into consideration for scholarship..

Applications for the new under-graduate courses are now open through the Common Application system with applications closing on 3rd January, 2018.

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