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Durham University graduate enjoys #startup success with technology business ‘Fumarii’

Joe Boydell, Co-Founder & Director, My Student Expert Ltd

High Tech Student Startup Promotes Affordable, Future Proofed Computers, for All.

‘Fumarii Technologies’ enables freelancers, small businesses and individuals to use supercomputers currently available only to conglomerates.

A new tech startup formed by Durham University Alumnus Liam Gill and student Rhys Birkinshaw has recently been given a staggering valuation of over £20M months after founding (and days before their first trials) in support of their industry altering technology.

The success of Fumarii has been highly praised by local business leaders in Newcastle, Durham, Teesside and Sunderland. The company is currently working on projects alongside Newcastle and Sunderland Universities, as well as being initial members of the Durham City Incubator.

The relationships forged by the two founders in the community has seen significant change in the support now offered by local partners to students in the local area. The company has already stayed true to its promise to help grow the local community by making one of it’s first hires a student local to the North East of England.

Fumarii is currently starting trials of its products, working predominantly with small businesses from the Newcastle area. They are excited to reveal that, following some successful trials, their desktop computer will be made available to the public in the coming months.

Although already looking to the future, Fumarii has revealed that future products, rumoured to include laptops and phones, may require further periods of technology development before being released. Keep an eye on their social media to be kept up to date.

For consumers their products have three main benefits:

  1. Price.

The hardware and software developed by Fumarii drastically lowers the amount of energy required to operate machines. This means that the price of the computer is far lower than any competitor. With approximately £3,000,000,000 spent annually in the UK on computing this technology has the potential to save customers billions.

  1. Future Proofing.

Fumarii uses advanced technology to store your computer in the cloud. What this means for the user is that the company can upgrade your computer for you without physically accessing it. When something new comes out, or if you need more power or storage, with the click of a button the company is able to provide you with the changes you need. This technology enables Fumarii computers evolve with your need, significantly increasing the period of usability beyond traditional computers. Instead of replacing your computer every 3-5 years, theirs is reported to last 10-15 years.

  1. Security

Fumarii aims to remotely backup your computer on an hourly basis. This means, that in the event of a crash or damage to your computer, the company will be able to provide you with a recent backup for free. No more manual backups and no more losing data.

Fumarii is one of the first ‘Silicon Valley’ style startups to come out of Durham University, with the potential to disrupt a global market. Alongside this, they continue to support other Durham student entrepreneurs by allowing them to ‘hotdesk’ at their office for free, making themselves available for advice and attending Entrepreneurs Durham events.

All of which exemplifies their commitment to building a culture and support system that has been notably missing at Durham University. As a recent Durham graduate who founded a startup while studying at the university, I wish the founders and their team the best of luck going forward and thank them for their continued contributions to our community.

Joe Boydell, Co-Founder & Director, My Student Expert Ltd

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