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Early Years Education Charity calls for participants for ‘road trip of a lifetime’

Early years education charity, Parenta Trust is calling for teams to take part in a ‘road trip of a lifetime’ – the Maidstone to Monaco Rally.

From 26th to 30th June 2019, ‘petrol heads’ in both two- and four-wheeled vehicles will travel 2,000 miles through eight countries, traverse the Alps and negotiate the winding roads of the Furka Pass. The annual five-day escapade encompasses camping under the stars and taking part in challenges – before reaching the final destination of glamorous Monaco.

All funds raised from the rally go towards building pre-schools for children in need of a quality education in deprived areas of the world.

Parenta Trust founder and trustee, Allan Presland said;

“The Maidstone to Monaco Rally is a fantastic way to bring people together for a great cause and have fun along the way. It’s growing in size year-on-year and our 6th rally, in 2019, will be opened up to two-wheel vehicles, not just four. So now, car and motorcycle ‘petrol heads’ can unite on this five-day journey of fun, laughter and exploration. The support we receive every year is nothing less than astounding, but we are always looking for more people to get involved. We already have quite a few teams signed up – but the more the merrier – so we are appealing for more teams to come and join us and help us with “the drive to build a school”!

“Every day I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play a part in the crucial task of giving children in deprived areas of the world an early years education. Our 5th school will open in early 2019 and in addition, funds raised from the 2018 Maidstone to Monaco Rally and our two charity balls, means that we are now finalising funds for our next school. Together we can raise enough funds to continue building a new pre-school year on year. With every pre-school we build, we can give on average another 200 children the opportunity they deserve to have an early years education – come and join us for an automotive adventure!”

Parenta Trust, which supports disadvantaged children across the world by providing quality pre-school education, was founded by Allan Presland in 2013 after a life-changing trip to Kampala in Uganda. The stark reality of poverty and lack of education for pre-school children hit him hard on the day he found a young girl on a rubbish tip on top of a cemetery in an area known locally as ‘Kosovo’. She was scavenging for food and Allan found it heartbreaking that she clearly had to fend for herself to even find food let alone be given an early years education. He returned to the UK to set up a charity, leveraging his existing network of contacts in the early years sector and his ambitious quest to build one pre-school per year began.


Allan Presland, continued:

“After seeing first-hand the enormity of the poverty and lack of education for pre-school children in post-conflict East Africa, I knew I had to do something significant to help; so I set up Parenta Trust to support the building of further pre-schools in the region. Our charity has the support, passion and driving-force of some remarkable people who are united in the belief that all children deserve to have a basic education, no matter where they are in the world.

About Parenta TrustFounded in 2013 by Allan Presland, CEO of Parenta, the UK’s largest provider of business support systems and apprenticeships in the Early Years Sector. His mission is to educate the youngest, most vulnerable children from deprived areas across the world, by building pre-schools and providing a sponsorship programme. The Trust aims to give these children an opportunity to benefit from an education from an early age. Parenta Trust is assisted by international development charity Fields of Life which collaborates with the local communities ‘on the ground’. Parenta Trust has an ambitious target to build 10 schools over the next decade in Africa. This goal has seen supporters take part in cake bakes, raffles, quiz nights, BBQs and the infamous annual rally. 

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