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ESCP Business School prepares students for an increasingly more digital and international world

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Students from ESCP Business School’s (@ESCP_bs) ‘Bachelor of Management’ programme prepare for a world that is becoming increasingly connected.

The rise of digitalisation and globalisation means that the modern workforce is likely to represent multiple nationalities with multiple perspectives, which is why ‘The Bachelor of Management’(BSc) programme at ESCP gives students the opportunity to connect with individuals from around the world throughout their studies.

Those on the programme will join a community of more than 6,500 students from around 120 different nations, and become part of an alumni network of more than 60,000 professionals based in 150 countries worldwide.

Being part of this rich, multicultural and multilingual team helps students to become better entrepreneurs, CEOs, heads of departments, and managers.

“Not only do the students acquire solid theoretical foundations, but they also effectively apply theoretical concepts to real business situations, solve problems and learn how to make thoughtful decisions.

“Students become independent, flexible, highly adaptable and open to the world of diversity of opinions and ideas.” says Wioletta Nawrot, BSc in Management Director at ESCP Business School.

On top of this, a candidate with an international business degree will also have better cross-cultural communication skills. They may be more likely to pick up on certain cultural differences and avoid miscommunications.

Finally, building an international network helps students to access more opportunities. The connections made at ESCP Business School can lead to new and exciting professional developments. Peers could become future business partners, acting as the connecting link to new and exciting professional opportunities.

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