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Enhance Digital Teaching Platform launched at #BettShow

Supporting better FE digital teaching and training.

Today (25 Jan) at the Bett Show – the world’s biggest EdTech show held at the Excel London – the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) launched the first modules on its, Department for Education funded, Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

The modules, available to use for free, support teachers and trainers across the Further Education (FE) and Training sector to develop their practice using technology.

The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform was presented for the first time with a video walkthrough and a number of usable modules for attendees to use, including modules on using digital technologies to share and exchange practice, supporting and guiding learners using a Virtual Learning Environment and collaborating with learners synchronously.

In the coming weeks another 30 free, bite-size, certified online training modules mapped to the ETF’s Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF) will be added to the training tool.

The self-learning modules have an achievements badge system rewarding and motivating teachers and trainers to explore further training and share their achievements as well as lead innovation in teaching.

The website has been designed for a clean and engaging user-experience with all the modules mobile, tablet and desktop formatted.

Head of Learning Technologies at the ETF, Vikki Liogier, said:

“Being able to deliver high quality teaching and training in a digitally savvy way is an ever-important part of today’s pedagogical toolkit. As the national workforce development body for the sector, our role is to support the continuing professional development of the sector’s workforce which is why we developed this support.

“Our focus has been on how technology can help teachers and trainers in their current professional practice, as well as helping them to extend their practice. We are confident that the free training modules for practitioners will make a real difference in the classroom, workshop and laboratory and ultimately the learning experience and employability outcome of the learners.”

The DTPF, launched by ETF in November 2018, promotes a set of professional standards for supporting learning through technology with the aim to establish a common understanding of digital skills development.

Both the Platform and Framework are relevant to all types of teachers, trainers and assessors across the FE and Training sector, including those working colleges, work-based training, adult and community education and offender learning.

The DTPF was built in collaboration with Jisc – a not-for-profit organisation which provides digital solutions for UK education and research. It is mapped to the Jisc Digital Capabilities framework and ETF’s Professional Standards and draws on the EU Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators.

For further information and to make use of the free training modules visit the Enhance Digital Training Platform website. ETF’s EdTech Strategy and information on the Digital Teaching Professional Framework can be found on the EdTech Support page on the ETF website.

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