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External quality assurance of end-point assessments

Apprenticeship trailblazers can choose to approach Ofqual to provide external quality assurance for their apprenticeship EPA. If approached, Ofqual will review the apprenticeship assessment plan to ensure that it is possible for an apprentice assessment organisation to develop a valid assessment based on the plan, before agreeing to be the external quality assurance provider. The table below shows which apprenticeship EPAs Ofqual has agreed to regulate and the status of those under review.

For information about the apprentice standards that have been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and are ready for delivery, see ‘apprenticeship standards’.

Status of Ofqual quality-assured apprenticeship end-point assessments


  • a tick (✓) in the ‘EQA request status’ column shows that Ofqual has agreed to provide external quality assurance for that apprenticeship end-point assessment – it does not mean that that the assessment plan has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and is ready for delivery
  • ‘With Ofqual for review’ indicates the plan has been sent to Ofqual and we are reviewing it
  • ‘With trailblazer’ shows that we are waiting for an updated assessment plan to be submitted
  • the most recent submission date indicates when the most recent assessment plan was submitted to Ofqual or when the process was completed

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