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Fife College ready to welcome more students

@FifeCollege has welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement of further funding for the sector – saying that they stand ready to take on more students.

After announcing a change to the grades handed out by the SQA, Education Secretary John Swinney said yesterday, “We will this year make provision for enough places in universities and colleges to ensure that no one is crowded out of a place they would otherwise have been awarded.”

The College said that it was ready to accept the new grades issued to students who were originally downgraded, and that it looked forward to being able to welcome them in time for the new academic term.

The announcement comes after the Scottish Government’s Advisory Group on Economic Recovery stated that colleges would be instrumental in helping rebuild Scotland’s economy after the Coronavirus.

With Fife College offering over 400 subjects across 40 different academic areas, it will play a vital role in helping to offer students the qualifications they need to achieve positive destinations once they complete their course.

Vice-Principal of Fife College, Dorothee Leslie, commented:

“We’re pleased that the Scottish Government will be making further funding available to the college sector so Fife College can provide even more students with the qualifications they need to succeed.

“Given the current economic situation it is vital that we provide all learners with the opportunity to reskill and upskill, and the college sector will be key to achieving this.

“We understand that this can be an uncertain time for many students, and we would encourage anyone who is unsure of their next steps to get in touch with us to learn about the opportunities and the support we can offer.

“We stand ready here at Fife College to accept more students and are still accepting applications.

“We’ve been working hard during this Summer break to prepare the College as a safe and secure learning environment and we look forward to welcoming new and returning students over the coming weeks.”

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