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Firebrand Training awarded delivery of digital apprenticeships to public sector

Firebrand Training has been awarded a place on the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) framework for apprenticeship training providers. The new contract will provide public sector businesses with award-winning IT training to support the pipeline of exceptional digital talent for the UK.

What is the YPO Framework?

The new YPO framework – which commenced in August 2018 and will last for two years initially – is a public sector initiative to deploy the benefits of apprenticeships. The framework also seeks to raise awareness about the apprenticeship options available to employers across the UK.

YPO has worked to develop an Apprenticeship Framework which provides a solution for organisations no matter how they intend to meet their internal apprenticeship targets, as well as those set by central government” explains Lizzy Grayson, Category Manager at YPO.

Firebrand Training – awarded the UK’s Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year 2018 at the AAC Apprenticeship Awards – are experienced in providing large Levy payers with a wide range of digital apprenticeship training. Existing employer partners include Lloyds Banking Group and Transport for London (TfL). Firebrand’s successful new contract will help public sector businesses meet their internal apprenticeship targets, as Stefano Capaldo, Managing Director of Apprenticeships, explains:

We’re delighted to be able to bring our offer to so many more organisations via YPO, and are confident it will help our existing public sector customers understand how they can expand their use of apprenticeships to benefit the whole organisation. As one of the very few providers with existing programmes across the entire suite of advanced digital apprenticeship standards, we’re a one-stop shop for all IT apprentices. Our end point assessment success rates are 50%, well above the sector average of 30%, which shows how effectively Firebrand delivery is working

Firebrand’s offer through YPO includes the full suite of approved digital apprenticeship standards at Levels 3 and 4, covering cyber security, data analysis, network engineering, software development and testing, and digital marketing.

As a training provider on the framework, Firebrand have passed rigorous examination by YPO, who have looked at the content of apprenticeship programmes and current success rates, as well as the providers’ ability to respond to complex requirements and meet the changing needs of customers.

This is a great achievement for both Firebrand and the list of organisations eligible to use YPO’s framework. Eligible organisations include the NHS, local government, schools, police forces, fire and rescue services, registered charities and educational establishments.

About Firebrand Training

Firebrand is the UK’s leader in accelerated learning, providing the fastest, most comprehensive and industry-relevant Microsoft training to IT and digital professionals at every stage of their careers since 2001. Over 68,000 students have received the knowledge and credentials that businesses need, faster than any other provider through our proven accelerated learning model.

Firebrand is a training provider for every professional in the IT sector, whether apprentices changing or starting their career, or senior managers exploring the latest products. Once in our training centre, students eat, sleep and breathe new learning, gaining as much from the experiences of their classmates as from their Firebrand instructor’s expertise. This immersive approach helps develop knowledgeable, practical and collaborative professionals who are ready to accelerate their careers in IT through a commitment to lifelong learning.

Learn about growing and upskilling your IT team with digital apprenticeships with Firebrand.

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