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#GCSEResults2019 It’s time to recognise the true value of creative #skills

Simon Morris, Education Programme Lead at Adobe EMEA
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GCSE Art and Design courses are bucking the declining trend in the arts, with these creative subjects seeing a 9% bump in 2019.

Simon Morris, Education Programme Lead at Adobe EMEA, explains the importance of promoting creative subjects to futureproof students’ careers, and why employers are prizing creative thinking amongst their workforce as technology such as #AI is set to take a strong hold.  

“Despite this year’s A-level results revealing a decline in popularity for creative subjects in schools and colleges, it is positive that the level of participation and interest in Art and other creative subjects at GCSE is on the rise. 

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“As AI and automation technologies transform the workplace, the demand for creative skills that can’t be replaced by machines or algorithms is set to surge across all industries and schools have a responsibility to arm their students with the skills they need to succeed.

“For too long arts and creative subjects have been characterised as softer subjects without a clear career-path into the workplace.  It’s time to recognise the true value of creative skills to the next generation workforce and prescribe the same value to creative subjects as we do to the so-called ‘core subjects’.”

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