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Georgian College revolutionises its international education department with Cohort Go.

Georgian College

Leading edtech company @CohortGo has partnered with @GeorgianCollege, College of Applied Arts and Technology located in Ontario, Canada.  Using Cohort Go’s Agent Management system, Georgian College significantly reduces the time and resources spent manually calculating education agent commissions, to allow focused attention on producing great international student experiences.

Georgian College has over 13,000 full-time students, including 3,600 international students from 85 countries across seven campuses, the largest being in Barrie, Ontario.  Georgian works with industry and community partners to offer relevant, cutting-edge curriculum, quality work placements and co-op experiences with top employers

Cohort Go is a leading edtech that enables education providers to build powerful agent partnerships, while providing an efficient and cost-effective global payments solution for the entire international education sector.

Prior to partnering with Cohort Go, Georgian’s international education department processes were manual. Working with numerous education agents around the world, the Georgian team had to source data from multiple systems, making payment decisions based on labour-intensive data analysis and manually calculated the education agent commissions each term. The combined effort had a substantial impact on the workload of Georgian staff during each intake period.

By using Cohort Go’s Agent Management, Georgian’s data processing is now automated, including the validation of agent contracts. This eliminates human error as the system automatically identifies ineligible payments and processes only sanctioned commissions, significantly reducing manual time spent calculating commissions.

This improvement provides Georgian with the ability to identify and reward high-value agents, in turn reducing costs of acquiring new agents, while increasing the quality of referred students. It also reduces the College’s relationship management effort with agents, liberating college staff to dedicate more time to creating better international student experiences. 

The partnership further propels the success of Cohort Go in Canada, where the Australian-based startup maintains a strong presence with over 10 successful provider partnerships.

Mark Fletcher, co-founder and CEO of Cohort Go said the partnership provides a great time saving solution for Georgian College, specifically designed to cater to their unique challenges.

“Cohort Go’s Agent Management system was created in collaboration with institutions to help manage the specific challenges they face in overseeing education agents and international student recruitment,” Mr. Fletcher said.

“Maintaining outstanding relationships with education agents is crucial to the international education ecosystem but calculating and paying agent commissions manually can be time-consuming and error prone.”

“We are delighted that this partnership with Georgian College will free up much needed time and resources to allow them to focus on what’s really important; great experiences for international students.”

Kelly Watson, International Education & Development Business Manager at Georgian College said Cohort Go’s ability to customise the platform to integrate with the College’s processes was impressive.

“We truly appreciate Cohort Go’s superior proficiency to collaborate and provide immeasurable support, even making changes to the system in real-time while we sat in the room together,” said Ms. Watson.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Cohort Go; we know that this solution will revolutionise our department and its affiliated processes. It will be a powerful tool for users of the system,” Ms. Watson added.

“Cohort Go is truly an adaptive solution.”

In partnership with Cohort Go, Georgian College hopes to grow their agent network incrementally, while efficiencies gained by automating commission payments will help to facilitate new opportunities for further agent and student engagement. 

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