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Get help with buying for schools

Get support

Knowing how other school business professionals work and sharing contacts, can help you get the best deals, so you save money and time.

For example, networking with other buyers for schools can help you:

  • find suppliers
  • benchmark costs and budgets
  • get support with making purchases
  • learn from others’ documents
  • check best practice and understand the market
  • get discounts by buying in bulk together

Find a network for school business professionals

To find out more browse the Department for Education’s directory of more than 50 networks for school business professionals.

Set up a network for school business professionals

Find out more about networks for school business professionals.

Read how one school business professional established a peer-support network linking 50 schools, improving financial health.

Find a regional hub

From February 2018 to 30 April 2019, the DfE is running 2 regional pilot schemes to help schools with buying goods and services. Using the hub is free for the duration of the pilot.

If your school is in the north-west or the south-west, you can register.

The regional schools buying hubs offer:

  • expert advice and guidance on buying
  • template and example documents
  • help with complex contracts, like catering, cleaning, premises and technology services
  • local collaboration, where there is an opportunity to reduce costs on areas such as learning resources and administrative supplies
  • market intelligence
  • contract management support

Read more about the hubs and contact the DfE Schools Commercial Team if you have any questions.

If your school is outside the pilot area, one of your local networks for school business professionals could provide the buying support you need.

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