From education to employment

Global education charity is teaching valuable vocational skills on top of academic studies in an attempt to pull the world’s poorest communities out of poverty, permanently

When it comes to the world’s poorest communities, jobs and resources are dwindling, and the poor are being plunged into even greater depths of poverty. Charities right now are playing a crucial role in sustaining these communities as best they can, and may be the main lifeline for many of the world’s poorest populations.

A charity that knows the effects of poverty and hunger on populations, especially on children; is World Villages for Children. This global charity is primarily focused on eradicating poverty through education and runs a global network of free schools that accommodate and educate thousands of children globally, in an attempt to pull them out of poverty, permanently.

In the event of adults in these communities losing jobs and incomes, World Villages for Children is turning the family model on its head to help families maintain some sort of income. 

They are not only educating children through a formal education system….. but with the crisis being now: the charity is teaching vocational skills to their children enabling them to offer their skills for a wage and thus immediately support their families.

As the crisis continues, the charities schools have opened their doors to admitting as many children as they can from poverty-stricken homes in an attempt to enrol them in an educational program that will enable them to give back to their families and communities.

With jobs becoming scarce for many of their parents, the children are being taught valuable vocational skills on top of their academic studies so they may return to their villages and use these skills to make a wage that supports their families. This is a program that is already reaping benefits – many of the children returning home, are finding that their vocational skills are being sought after within their local communities and as a result are able to provide some financial support to their families.

With the ongoing Covid crisis and the resulting economic fallout, some of the hardest hit will be all poverty-stricken populations, globally. Statistics from the likes of the World Bank state that between 71m and 100m people will be pushed even further into extreme poverty this year, and the UN’s World Food Programme has said that the number of people unable to afford enough to eat could double as a result of the pandemic.   

The charity is fully conscious of the effects the pandemic is having on the communities that it works with, encountering first-hand how the world’s poorest are being affected. With the situation only getting worse; the charity is hoping to thwart the effects it will have on the world’s poorest children and also help their families sustain themselves through the economic fallout as much as possible.  

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