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Globalization Partners Helps Cybersecurity Leader, SonicWall, Solve Skills Shortage

The skills shortage in cybersecurity is still causing huge challenges. Research from the (ISC)2 highlights that employment in the cybersecurity field still needs to grow by approximately 89% worldwide, with 56% of survey respondents claiming that their organisation is at risk due to cybersecurity staff shortages.

One way to solve this challenge is to open up your pool of talent and look at hiring globally. But that can cause huge legal, HR, compliance challenges especially if you don’t have a legal entity in the country that your new recruit lives in. 

SonicWall, a leading cybersecurity provider, has chosen the Globalization Partners solution to hire talent around the world. 

SonicWall has undergone several transformations during its 30-year history, the most recent requiring a system reset on how the company manages its global talent pool, particularly recruiting and onboarding processes.  

“We’ve gone through several strategic changes to respond to a rapidly changing cybersecurity market, particularly in our sales organisation. Making that shift meant hiring a large global talent pool with the skill sets to match our evolving needs,” said SonicWall Vice President of Global Human Resources Bryce Ashcraft. 

Globalization Partners enabled SonicWall to both successfully support existing team members around the globe and hire the talent they needed within the highly skilled Eastern Europe market. The company recruited and onboarded hard-to-find talent with ease, helping SonicWall successfully execute its global growth goals. 

“Each country is different in terms of its laws and customs,” said Ashcraft. “Globalization Partners’ technology, combined with their in-country expertise, made it easy to compliantly hire and manage team members wherever they are located.” 

“For companies like SonicWall that are scaling quickly, our fully compliant SaaS global Employer of Record platform gives them a strategic advantage for hiring top talent in international markets,” said Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder, Globalization Partners. 

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