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Grant Thornton and BPP Education Group join forces to launch new Data Apprenticeships

Justin Rix, Partner and People Advisory Lead, Grant Thornton UK LLP

Leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK (@GrantThorntonUK) LLP and BPP are pleased to announce the launch of two new data apprenticeship programmes. 

The new programmes meet the requirements of the Level 3 Data Technician and Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standards respectively, which have been signed off for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.    

The partnership brings together BPP’s high quality apprenticeship provision and Grant Thornton’s extensive insight and expertise in data analytics and assurance. The two programmes are designed for employees who work with a wide range of data to empower them to enhance their professional performance.   

The focus is on creating a high-quality programme with practical application from the outset by creating technically competent analysts who also have the soft skills to effectively partner with and engage the wider business.   

There has been a growing demand for talent with strong data skills across all industries. Businesses and public sector organisations increasingly collect millions of data points and need to be able to effectively manage, understand and gain insight from the data to drive better customer service and commercial outcomes.  

The Level 3 and Level 4 Data programmes are the latest addition to a suite of development programmes offered by Grant Thornton, in partnership with leading education providers, to respond to the needs of dynamic, growing organisations. It builds on the success of its existing leadership and management, accountancy and coaching programmes. 

The programmes, cost £12,000 (Level 3) and £15,000 (Level 4) respectively and eligible organisations will be able to use their Apprenticeship Levy to pay the entirety of this cost. The first intake for the programme will start [in May 2021] and then rolling starts thereafter.

Justin Rix, Partner and People Advisory Lead, Grant Thornton UK LLP, said: 

“We are delighted to be supporting organisations across the country in upskilling their employees through these programmes as we know that data skills are in short supply and can play a key role in the success of any organisation. We are really excited to be working with BPP, a leading training provider, bringing together their first-rate expertise in delivering digital apprenticeship programmes and our extensive practical industry expertise.”

Paul Rowlett, Dean of BPP School of Technology at BPP, said:  

“This partnership underlines our commitment to producing the highest quality data professionals that have the right technical and softer skills to drive value for their employers. With increased demand for digital skills, we are pleased we can add this to a suite of high demand programmes that are geared towards supporting talent across a range of sectors. It marks BPP’s continued commitment to provide training for forward thinking organisations who are looking to professionalise their workforce.”  

Jamie Crossman-Smith, Head of Data Analytics and Audit Innovation, Financial Services Group, Grant Thornton UK LLP said:

“From our work with clients we know that data skills are becoming increasingly sought after. Organisations are looking to build their in-house expertise to ensure they understand the data they have access to and are able use it effectively to drive better decision making and create competitive advantage. These programmes will really help with developing a much-needed pipeline of talent in the data space.”  

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