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GSA and BAFTA Launch $12,000 Grant for short film projects addressing #GenZ wellbeing

Global Student Accommodation (GSA), which is supporting the BAFTA Student Film Awards for the second year running, has announced the launch of the BAFTA-GSA Short Film Commissioning Grant.

With youth wellbeing directly impacting GSA’s purpose-built student communities across the world, it’s hoped that the joint initiative will provide filmmakers with a platform to raise awareness and encourage change in how wellbeing is understood amongst 15 to 25-year-olds.

The $12,000 commissioning grant will be awarded to one or several student filmmakers on the shortlist of the BAFTA Student Film Awards. Successful students will be required to use the funds to create a film on the topic of wellbeing and will receive overall creative and strategic feedback from BAFTA throughout the life of the project.

Judges will be looking to reward original concepts that not only highlight youth wellbeing as a central component but also engage through compelling stories that present original approaches to tackling the issue. Entrants are being encouraged to consider how wellbeing impacts lives and relationships, and how positive coping strategies can be used effectively to ease stress and anxiety.

Nicholas Porter, Founder and Chairman, Global Student Accommodation Group (GSA) said,

 “The conscientious Gen Z continues to wow the world with its political and social awareness, and determination to make our world a better place. Positive mental health and student wellbeing are fundamental in enabling this and future generations to thrive.  We hope the $12,000 BAFTA-GSA Short Film Commissioning Grant, which will go towards short film projects specifically addressing wellbeing amongst 15-25 year olds, will help raise further awareness of a vital issue. We look forward to supporting those that are awarded the grant and hope they gain invaluable creative and strategic input for their projects from BAFTA.”

“We take immense pride in our unwavering support of emerging student filmmakers from around the globe year-round,” said BAFTA LA CEO, Chantal Rickards.

“We are delighted that this year, we will not only be able to recognize students’ achievements, but also fund a deserving student film project with the BAFTA-GSA Commissioning Grant. Mental health and wellbeing are continuously misunderstood the world over, and we’re confident that the talented young filmmakers on the BAFTA Student Film Awards shortlist will demonstrate highly imaginative, bold and compelling ways of tackling it.” 

The news comes after the world leader in university student living launched an award-winning 9-pillar framework designed to provide unrivalled in-residence services to support students during what can be vulnerable transitions in their lives; raise awareness of potential catalysts for stress; and teach students the skills and resilience to overcome them. By the end of 2019, 30,000 students globally will have access to the programme.

Applications for the BAFTA-GSA Short Film Commissioning Grant will be taken until 4 June 2019. Successful students will be notified at the end of June, before being presented with their grants at the BAFTA Student Film Awards in Los Angeles on 9 July.

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