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Have your say on Skills for Justice’s review of the Emergency Call Handler National Occupational Standards

Are you an Emergency Call Handler for one of our vital Ambulance, Police, or FIre and Rescue Services across the UK?  If so, @SkillsforJustice need your feedback, with a public consultation on the development of new National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Emergency Call Handlers, on behalf of Skills Development Scotland.

Emergency Call Handlers play a critical role across our national frontline services and within society. Often the first people we speak to when we are unwell or in danger, having the ability to make fast and efficient decisions under pressure, whilst acting calmy and reassuringly, is all part of their daily working life. Therefore, it is crucial that the same skills, knowledge and understanding across “blue light” employers exists on a national recognised level, to deliver the highest quality care and to preserve the safety and wellbeing of our communities.

Skills for Justice are currently working with Ambulance, Police and Fire and Rescue Services from all four home nations to develop new NOS for Emergency Call Handlers. Commissioned by Skills Development Scotland, these new national standards will be vitally used to inform future apprenticeships and qualifications.

In order to ensure that these new standards are fit for purpose, and meet the needs of the sector, as shift and work patterns change, new operational practices, legislation and technologies are introduced, it is crucial that feedback and expertise is gathered from those who work within the Ambulance, Police, or Fire and Rescue Services, on any improvement required.

Sharon Wilton, Technical Consultant and Project Lead at Skills for Justice said: “It is very important that we get people’s feedback working across all our emergency services around the UK, to ensure that the NOS we create are robust and meaningful documents that can be used by all services. This is your opportunity to help shape the workforce in your service.”

Have your say on the NOS that have been developed by taking part in Skills for Justice’s online survey here. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will close on Wednesday 10th March. Once the survey has closed, all feedback will be considered, the results analysed, and the NOS refined accordingly.

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