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The Essex Digital Awards were celebrated last night at the Weston Homes Community Stadium, Colchester and what a superb night it was.

Dressed to impress in their finest glad rags, the Marketing Team arrived with great anticipation of what the night of awards may have in store for them.

The team, Tony Wittridge, Jed Keenan, Jessika Strataki, Alastair Seth, Carmina Ballantine, Lee Crawford, Adam Trinder and Courtney Jacob had been nominated for Best Educational Website and the competition was fierce. In the running was a variety of companies including Creative & Cultural Skills and UK College of Business & Computing by Whitefish Marketing.

As the nominations were read out, the excitement grew, Bronze, Silver and then GOLD for Havering College! The atmosphere was electric, cheers of delight came from the excited team members as they made their way to the stage to receive their award.  It was accepted on the team’s behalf by Sally MacPherson who gave a fantastic speech praising the virtues of the new Marketing Team of whom she was so proud. She acknowledged all their hard work, agreeing that this award was justly deserved. 

This award is a real accolade given the strong competition in the field of digital marketing. As expected, coverage of the event was reported extensively on social media, trending on Twitter as soon as the ceremony began. 

Our marketing team goes from strength to strength and continues with its positive and proactive attitude to improving the status of Havering College. 

And if this prestigious award wasn’t enough, Havering College also walked off with an additional prize, winners of the quiz. What an all-round talented bunch they are.

EDA16 Judges’ comment – “With such an enormous number of reasons for visitors to be on this website at any given time, it becomes even more important to have clear navigation and easily accessible content. This is a prime example of a website being sympathetic to its users’ needs and giving them a superb user experience.”

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