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How CMI qualifications can help employers improve performance and effectiveness at managing people

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is Britain’s leading organisation dedicated to managers in a professional capacity. CMI has more than 81,000 members, of which it represents and supports. The organisation is committed to setting the standards and promoting excellence within management.

It is the CMI’s vision to promote:

“First-class management and leadership to drive up personal and corporate performance, national productivity and social wellbeing.”

This prominent, professional management body, offers a range of accredited courses. From team leading courses to coaching, strategic management to mentoring, CMI qualifications are designed to help individuals be more effective in a professional management capacity and ensure management teams are better equipped to manage people effectively.

How CMI can improve management performance and effectiveness

Statistics by the CMI find that more than 80% of managers say a CMI qualification is not only a key component in becoming a professional manager but that transferring the skills learnt through the CMI course improves team performance.

The research shows that by attaining a CMI qualification, the new skills acquired can be passed through the workforce, resulting in improved performance. Furthermore, from a customers’ perspective, the quality assurance generated by having CMI-qualified staff, results in higher levels of trust and brand credibility, significantly benefiting the organisation.

A CMI qualification provides individuals with a progressive framework to broaden their management skills. The qualifications range from a lower Level 2, ideal for aspiring managers, up to a level 8, suitable for more senior managers. Depending on the level of CMI qualification, embarking on a CMI course helps managers develop core management skills, such as recruitment and managing resources. They are designed to provide managers with the tool kit required to manage people more effectively, by building their confidence and improving their performance.

Higher level CMI qualifications are designed to help senior managers and directors translate organisational strategy into effective performance with greater proficiency and acumen. These qualifications build on existing management skills and knowledge, providing senior managers with a greater understanding of the roles, intricacies and skills required for effective strategic management.

Benefits of effective management and leadership

Employers have long recognised the sense of investing in management and leadership, quite simply because more highly skilled and effectual management and leadership brings multiple benefits to an organisation.

A more productive workforce

Proficiently trained management has a positive knock-on effect throughout the rest of the workforce. This is because managers who are well-trained and knowledgeable are in a better position to relay their knowledge and skills to the rest of the workforce, thus creating a higher-functioning team.

Efficient and well-trained managers are better equipped at setting realistic goals, making decisions without hesitation and developing strategic plans, all of which crafts greater levels of productivity in a workspace.

Greater respect and higher staff morale

A manager who is good at their job, who can manage their team with efficiency and tact, who can effectively motivate people and diplomatically reduce workplace conflict when it arises, is likely to be a well-respected and valued member of team. Such efficiency, diplomacy and tact helps a manager gain respect from co-workers, which in turn leads to higher morale within a workforce, ultimately resulting in higher retention rates amongst staff and greater loyalty towards their employer.


Confident, trained and effective managers are not afraid of innovation and change. They are ready to embrace and adapt to different ways of working and take calculated risks designed to improve performance.

Developing management and leadership skills, as Business West notes, is a “key driver in embedding a culture of innovation.” Businesses can become significantly more successful by diversifying and garnering fresh insights and perspectives from investing in management and leadership training and developing a more highly skilled, confident and effective management team.

From SMEs and start-ups, to well-established large employers, effective management and leadership is a crucial asset in business operations. CMI qualifications effectively teach and train managers about the intricacies and requisites of effective management, skills and knowledge that are transferred throughout teams and result in organisations being ran with greater efficiency and productiveness with high staff morale.

Hadyn Luke, Director of CMS Vocational Training (CMSVOC).

CMSVOC offers a vast range of courses and training programmes across diverse sectors. CMSVOC is committed to helping people of all ages, backgrounds and industries, find the right course and training programme so they can progress in their chosen career or embark on a new career. CMSVOC offers CMI provision, giving managers no-nonsense support to help them become more effective leaders.

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