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How To Gain Business Skills When You Can’t Enrol In Business University


It is profitable to do business but difficult. It isn’t easy only for those who are not used to this type of activity. If working for an uncle seems to you an intolerable test, no matter how good it is, you probably asked yourself questions such as: Is it possible to learn business at all? Why study business at all? Where and from whom can you understand the business?

Is it possible to learn business at all?

Business is not the most challenging activity to learn. If you learn something, then you will learn it. Business is not an exception to this rule; you do not need to make this occupation special, different from other things. But for some reason, people doubt their capabilities. No specific mindset, analytical skills, or anything else is needed. Different business owners are great at different things, and that’s okay. You need to know your strengths, meet the minimum requirements and master the fundamental theoretical base.

Why study business?

At a certain point in development in any area, there will be a lack of a theoretical basis. These are the very foundations that are taught in universities and specialized courses. This applies to accounting, management, legal aspects, sales, and promotion. The classical theory became so not because it can be used even now, but because it is necessary for understanding causal relationships. Why does it work the way it does and not the other way? And only with the help of this knowledge can you make decisions yourself and deviate from the usual schemes.

Without training, you can do something only with clear instructions when you have scheduled what you have to do step by step. And such a business is limited to selling questionable products from one-page pages or creating another sneaker store on Instagram. To start your project with an original idea, you need to understand how the whole system works.

Where can you learn the business?

Educational institutions such as the London School of Business and Finance, Harvard Business School, or Princeton University, can teach you business. These educational institutions are incredibly prestigious and will give you all the business skills you need. By entering these educational institutions, you will be able to join the circle of influential and wealthy people who will support you in your endeavors in the future. This is the main advantage of these establishments. But what if you fail to enroll?

How to Best Learn Business? 

There are many ways to learn business. And even the most different schools, courses have their programs, objectives and work scheme. But in fact, there is only one way to learn the business and gain new skills continually. The diagram looks like this:

  • First, you need to gain a massive amount of theoretical knowledge. This can be a university with a profile specialty, some lengthy courses or seminars, for example, altMBA for acquiring business skills.
  • Creation of a project idea. It is the most crucial stage. Most of the training programs in the same altMBA tell you how to analyze the market, choose a niche and create a specific offer. This stage allows you to collect data in many interesting areas and then understand where to develop. Plus, it’s an excellent way to learn applied analytics.
  • Project creation. This is a period when a person starts a project, and after that, he has no certain expectations in the form of a million in thirty seconds. Time and effort are invested, the main holes are discovered.
  • An attempt to correct errors. This is where the second phase of hands-on training begins, through which all entrepreneurs go. A person sees a specific problem and looks for solutions, and also improves his knowledge.
  • Continuation of work. According to the scheme above, you will have to work with each direction. If there is not enough time and effort, an employee comes and solves a specific problem. Over time, the business owner will have to tackle more strategic challenges, and field problems will be in the hands of employees.

Final word 

This is how real business training goes. When a person takes a theoretical basis, he still does not understand what he will need to promote his product or service in a specific niche. Over time, these problems are revealed, and then it will be necessary to work through them more and more, delving deeper into these areas. This is the scheme that most businessmen follow. First, you get a base, and then you solve problems pointwise.

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