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How Virtual Reality is helping to change the social care landscape #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

Last night in London, some pioneering findings were presented on the success of the use of Virtual Reality in Social Care (adoption / fostering) and Mental Health Services.  

Presented by Immerse UK and award-winning social enterprise The Cornerstone Partnership, findings of a 12-month pilot were able to show how VR tools, devices and content can be applied within children’s services. Their work to develop VR as an ‘intervention’ for use across adoption and fostering services is a world first and the results demonstrate that this technology is set to revolutionize social care settings.

The VR content is extremely powerful, and it is quite evident how this can change lives for children now and in the future. The shocking footage gives an insight in to the daily struggles so many children face from birth onwards and it is a stark reminder of traumatic situations children can be put in.

Preliminary results attached paint a very promising picture of Cornerstone VR’s potential in getting children to the best path possible. Improved decision making and understanding of trauma, children’s emotions and potential triggers can help practitioners and policy makers implement more effective solutions.

The report stats are attached, with the press release. As Helen’s quote demonstrates, by helping to understand issues of these children can help prevent issues and of course huge cost further down the line – care breakdowns, education, crime, and mental health.

If you would like to interview or film with Helen please do let me know – she is the inspirational founder of this concept, and adoptive mother of two.

Likewise, if you would like to see the VR films, we can liaise with you on that too.

This really is a pioneering development on a very important subject so it would be great if you would be able to cover in some way.


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