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IFL seminars running across the country to help managers and trainers get up to speed.

The Institute for Learning is running a series of seminars across the country to support the implementation of the new Continued Professional Development requirements.

All teachers, trainers and tutors in the further education sector arerequired to undertake and record their professional development, afternew regulations came into force at the beginning of September 2007. The seminars, which are free of charge, are designed for teacher trainers, HR managers and other staff with responsibility for CPD in their organizations. Those attending will be updated on Ifl’s CPD guidelines and learn about the latest developments.

Jean Kelly, head of professional development at IfL, said, “Theseseminars will give participants the opportunity to find out about whatsort of CPD counts, how it will be monitored, and what kind of supportwill be available. They will also have the chance to add their views tothe consultations on our code of professional practice and the processof professional formation.

“We strongly recommend that those with responsibility for staffdevelopment take advantage of this opportunity to better understand andcomment on the challenges faced and the strategies that could be used byindividuals and by organisations to support the effective implementationof CPD.”

Since the beginning of September 2007, when the new regulations cameinto force and IfLs online registration facility went live, membershiphas increased to over 15,000. All existing FE teachers are required tojoin the IfL by 31 March 2007, and new teachers joining the sector after1 September 2007 will have six months in which to register as members.The government is currently funding the standard registration fee of £30for all those who are required to register.

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