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Institute of Student Employers sets out six key policies that a future government will need to adopt

Stephen Isherwood, ISE Chief Executive

Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has launched a pre-election manifesto, representing the calls of hundreds of Britain’s largest employers who collectively bring tens of thousands of young people into high quality employment every year.

The paper sets out six key policies that a future government will need to adopt to ensure that businesses can find the talent and skills that they need and that young people can make a smooth transition to the workplace and build productive careers.

Key policies ISE has called for the next government to implement:

  1. Place greater emphasis on employer and university collaboration in higher education
  2. Maintain and streamline the apprenticeship system in consultation with employers
  3. Facilitate better employment outcomes for disadvantaged students
  4. Renew the Careers Strategy and extend careers hubs across the country
  5. Invest in vocational education and engage employers in its design and implementation
  6. Design migration policies that enable businesses to access high quality global talent

Stephen Isherwood, ISE Chief Executive, said:

“The bedrock of the UK’s productivity has to be how it educates and trains people at the start of their careers, ensuring that they develop the skills and attributes that the economy needs to thrive.

“Our industry needs sustained government investment. We are asking for quality careers advice in schools, alignment of education and migration policies with the skills that our economy needs, and employer engagement in the development of vocational education.”

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