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Last night, BCoT opened its doors virtually for their first event of the academic year

Anthony Bravo, BCOT

@BCoT opened its doors virtually for their first event of the academic year

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) held its first virtual open event of the academic year on Tuesday 13 October, in line with the current social distancing measures outlined by the government, making it the College’s second-ever event that has been hosted online. The Virtual Open Event was aimed at prospective students and their parents/guardians to give them the chance to find out more about the College from the comfort of their own homes, as well as to showcase the different and technology rich learning style offered at BCoT.

Anthony Bravo, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for education providers, but as a technology college we have been able to adapt quickly and seamlessly with our online education. I am proud that the college is still able to offer the same level of support and experience for students and their families, whether delivered on or offline. The Virtual Open Event is a great way for prospective students to find out the information they need to make their choices for next year and I thoroughly enjoying welcoming them to our online event and answering their queries.”

BCoT showcased its range of full-time courses and apprenticeships with dedicated talks delivered by lecturers and staff, all who presented live at the College. Principal, Anthony Bravo, opened the event with a welcome talk introducing viewers to the College and what to expect when students join BCoT. 

In response to a live question, Anthony Bravo explained: “We asked our learners and staff what values they found important while being at the College and so, with their responses, we developed our three key values: Respectful – always being respectful of others and providing an inclusive environment that fully welcomes and leverages all our diversity; Ready – we ask that our learners be ready to learn and give it their best when they come to the College and we will guarantee that they will go on to study at university, get an apprenticeship or start their career; and Safe – we pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive learning environment inside and outside of the College.” 

BCoT’s apprenticeship team, Aspiral Learning, were on-hand and delivered their own talk to help students with advice and guidance on applying for an apprenticeship. There were also dedicated talks about BCoT’s use of technology, having been recognised as one of 20 EdTech Colleges in the country this year, and about the support available for students, including learning support, welfare, bursaries and travel. Despite the circumstances of not being able to deliver an in-person event, the October Virtual Open Event was successful with over 500 people signed up for the event and high engagements between students, their parents and staff through the live Q&As during subject talks and in the chat room where attendees could ask any of their questions in private. 

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