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Launch of travel grants for all UK citizens to explore innovations worldwide

Applications open todya (16 May) for the Churchill Fellowships, a life-changing opportunity open to all UK citizens to research new ideas overseas and make a difference to their communities and professions when they return. These are unique grants to gather knowledge from the world and strengthen the UK – an increasingly relevant mission in the post-Brexit era.

Churchill Fellows are funded to find new solutions to practical issues that face the UK. They travel for 4-8 weeks, anywhere in the world, to see the most innovative projects, meet the most inspiring practitioners, and study the most successful policy programmes in the world. On their return, they will turn these global insights into action, to make change happen for many years to come.

We can arrange interviews with past Fellows in a wide range of professional sectors, talking about the impact of a Fellowship on their lives, ideas and workplaces. One told us: “The Fellowship was one of the best experiences of my life. Even after five years, the connections, the people, the learning and the feelings that I experienced still influence me today.” (Police Constable Mark Walsh, Fellow.)

Everyone can apply, regardless of age, background or qualifications, so long as they are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over. Applications can be made online from 16 May 2019, for travel in 2020. Deadline for applications is 17 September 2019.

Applications are invited across 12 award categories, including three new ones this year:

  1. Arts for the built environment (New category for 2019)
  2. Education
  3. Emergency response
  4. Enterprise: supporting social impact
  5. Environment, conservation and sustainable living
  6. Healthcare: innovations for the twenty-first century
  7. Palliative and end of life care (New category for 2019)
  8. Physical activity: making moves for healthy lives (New category for 2019)
  9. Rural living: strengthening countryside communities
  10. Science, technology and engineering
  11. Suicide: prevention, intervention and postvention
  12.  Open category: for projects beyond this range

Churchill Fellowships are open to everyone, regardless of age, qualifications or background. The only requirements are that they must be UK resident citizens aged 18 or over.

150 Churchill Fellowships are awarded each year. Fellows are funded to travel the world for 4-8 weeks, researching innovative ideas and best practice in a practical subject of their own choosing. The average grant is £6,000.

Churchill Fellowships were set up on the death of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965 as a national tribute and living legacy for his leadership. Since then over 5,600 have been awarded. They are awarded by The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT).

The aim is to explore global best practice in the issues facing the UK today, and bring back global insights to improve communities and professions. The Fellowships address contemporary issues, develop knowledge leaders and offer transformative opportunities to outstanding individuals.

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