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Leeds City College delivers groundbreaking fast-track GP nursing programme

Leeds City College delivers groundbreaking fast-track GP nursing programme

Leeds City College (@leedscitycoll), part of Luminate Education Group (@LuminateEdGroup), is delivering the first ever fast-track course for aspiring GP nurses, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (@WYCColleges) and Practicum, a specialist healthcare training company.

Delivered at the college’s Park Lane Campus, the *Let’s Talk Real Skills six-month programme is aimed at equipping new and current nurses with the skills needed to transition from nursing practice to General Practice.

Michele Bryden, Management Lead at Practicum said: “Nurses have had a very challenging 12 months and the reality is that they need more help. The GP nursing programme is crucial for the long-term support we want to give both current and new nurses.

“We want to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed, so they can play an ever more important role in the health of their communities.

“We are continually looking at ways we can collaborate, share knowledge and contribute to the health of the wider region. By capitalising on a diversity of thinking, the healthcare sector can benefit and drive shared outcomes and ensure that the delivery of primary care is outstanding across the board.”

Lee Pryor, Director of Apprenticeships and Business Engagement at Luminate Education Group, said: In the last year, it has become clear that clinical practice development is vital to keeping employees’ knowledge and skills up-to-date, particularly in the current climate.

“Historically, nurses were required to be qualified for two years before moving into GP practice. As a result, this fast-track pilot has been introduced to meet skills demand and create opportunities for nurses. Not only will it deliver the essential practical skills required from the outset, but also support GP practices as they future plan their delivery of services.

“As the demand for skills increases, we are seeing many qualified nurses going straight into general practice where they are able to take advantage of increasing opportunities to specialise in a particular area.

“This partnership, working alongside Practicum, GPs and healthcare providers gives us the opportunity to put the right skills and knowledge in professionals’ hands, empowering them to treat and care for patients in the best way possible.”

Joanne Patrickson, Project Director at the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges, said: “Let’s Talk Real Skills aims to make significant improvements in skills provision through collaboration between businesses and education. We can learn from pilot projects like this one and use the intelligence to inform and develop further training programmes for SMEs and where appropriate, the pathways to higher apprenticeships.”

Meanwhile, Michelle O’Brien, who is currently completing the Introduction to GP Nursing, has recently secured a job in a general practice as a result of the course.

“I have been an adult nurse since 2007 and worked in various hospitals, always in acute settings. I have always wanted to move into practice nursing but found it challenging as I had no primary care experience. I felt I needed help with the transition so when I came across this course it felt like the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to allow me to move into primary care.

“I am getting a clear understanding of how different it is working in a hospital and the key elements to practice nursing. Also meeting other nurses new to general practice has been great, we have shared experiences and contacts for continued learning.”

To be eligible for this pilot, nurses must be employed by a General Practice which qualifies as a small/medium enterprise in the Leeds City Region.

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