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Teachers have every right to be properly rewarded for vital work

Responding to a TUC report published today (28 Feb) to mark Work Your Proper Hours Day which shows teachers do more unpaid overtime than any other workers, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said: 
“For years, the teaching profession have been more and more overworked and demoralised while at the same time seeing real terms cuts to their take home pay.
“It is no wonder we are seeing a crisis in staff recruitment and retention in our schools, as workload and stress drive talented teachers out of the jobs they love.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better for our teachers, who have every right to be properly rewarded for the vital work they do. 
“As a matter of urgency, the Conservative Government must commit to fair pay rises for teachers and tackle the toxic culture of testing and inspections which has led to so much stress and pointless paperwork”.

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