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Live Webinar- Your Questions About Apprenticeships Answered

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Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly recognised and valued by employers within the UK jobs market. More and more, businesses are looking to invest in their digital capability by offering staff the opportunity to upskill within a digital/tech role and gain the valuable experience they need to succeed. Apprenticeships provide a way for employers to develop their workforce, bridge digital skills gaps within their organisation, and increase staff retention.

The benefits of apprenticeships are numerous. Apprentices are 85% more likely to stay in employment post-qualification, with 64% staying with the same employer.(1) This is great news for employers as apprenticeships lead to a higher level of loyalty amongst staff. Apprenticeships are also beneficial for the economy, providing people with the skills they need to progress within their chosen career.

But despite this, there are still a lot of persistent misconceptions about apprenticeships that can make it difficult to separate fact from fiction. From the skills gained, to financing an apprentice, or the amount of off-the-job training, we know that there are many prevalent myths about apprenticeships that can impact the decision of whether to hire an apprentice.

That’s why we’re creating a employer apprenticeship webinar focused on answering all your apprenticeship questions. Join us for the latest updates on digital/IT apprenticeships, from programmes, quality, wider learning, and more. Learn more about the advantages of apprenticeships, as well as how to hire and manage an apprentice more effectively.

Apprenticeships can provide immense value to a business and provide the opportunity to bridge skills gaps within an organisation as well as invest in your team.

Join us on Monday 22nd May from 3-4.30pm to hear more about the power of apprenticeships so that you can better support your apprentice or learn more about hiring apprentices!

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