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Lockdown runner to complete 52km for University MS research

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A daughter who lost her mum to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is taking on an epic running challenge to raise money in her memory.

Evelyn Truter, 52, will be running 52km around Clevedon and surrounding villages in Somerset to raise money for MS research at the University of Plymouth.

She came up with the idea of the memorial challenge after turning 52, the age at which her mum died, and rediscovering running during lockdown this year. She has already surpassed her original target of £5,200 and hopes to make it to £10,000.

Training for the big day on Sunday 1 August, Evelyn has been amazed by people’s generosity so far – along with the number of lives touched by the condition.

See Evelyn’s JustGiving page.

She said:

“I knew when I started running and went from 3km, to 10km to 20km that I could potentially do a fundraiser, and Mum naturally came into my head. So I looked at MS causes, and saw that the University of Plymouth did research into the condition. My mum came from a nursing background and MS research interested us both, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

“There are people who I’ve known for years whose lives have been touched by MS, and I’ve only found out by talking about this challenge and the sponsorship. It’s a much wider spread condition than we realise and there’s currently no cure, so it’s important to raise awareness and help as much as possible.”

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