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LSIS strategic direction places the debate in the FE sector’s own hands

The recently formed Learning and Skills Improvement Service launches its first statement of strategic direction, which marks the beginning of a new conversation between LSIS, the sector and partners. Through this dialogue, LSIS will identify the key priorities for responding to the sectors ambitions.

Developed from early discussions with the sector and also with the support of the sector-led LSIS board, the document sets out LSIS’s proposed vision, mission and aims centred around the two core themes of working with providers to develop their staff and their professionalism and working with providers to develop their capacity to improve. It also outlines the kind of organisation LSIS will be and how it will work with the sector and partners, including its priority to maximise use of sector expertise.

The statement of strategic direction is being widely circulated across the sector and individuals and organisations can respond and engage in the dialogue through a variety of ways including, attending dedicated regional events, additional event workshops, online through a discussion forum and online through a simple questionnaire. The LSIS Council will meet on 12th March to discuss comments on the plans raised by the sector.

Roger McClure, Chief Executive of LSIS said: "The statement of strategic direction is an exciting step because it marks the beginning of our conversation with the sector, we want the sector to play a full role in shaping and monitoring how we support and work with them in this new era of self-improvement and self-regulation. This is the first of two steps towards our corporate plan for 2009–12; by summer, when the sector and LSIS are satisfied that we have our strategic direction right, the second step will cover the more detailed aspects of strategies, specific objectives and actions. Our aim for this dialogue is that it should be continuing, meaningful and productive and we hope and encourage everyone in the sector to get involved and to tell us for example whether you think our proposed direction serves the sector’s wishes. This is an important period for both LSIS and the sector to work together and shape our new sector-led organisation."

Anyone who wants to get involved with the consultation can do so in several ways:

• email directly to [email protected]

• join the online discussion forum on the website

• attend one or more of the following events by registering via our website

• take part in workshops hosted at various sector events; please visit the LSIS website at from time to time at

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