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CONEL media students work at Mullen Lowe

Creative and Media students recently went on a day visit to big advertising and communications agency Mullen Lowe as part of a new initiative called ‘Advertising Unlocked’.

Advertising Unlocked is an industry-wide “Open Day” which sees top UK advertising and media agencies opening their doors to the next generation of advertisers once a year. During the day the companies reveal how campaigns are made and what jobs are available in the advertising industry at every stage of this process, giving students a taste of the real world.

Upon arrival, students were divided into groups and set a task which asked them to promote one of Mullen Lowe’s client’s brands. They had to develop their ideas and present them to Mullen Lowe employees at the end of the day. Our student teams worked closely with advertising professionals from the company who supported and mentored them, to help them develop their ideas.

Creative Media Lecturer at CONEL Selda Yuzudik, said: “I thought it was a fantastic experience and an eye opener for our students. Since the trip we have had loads of interest from students who want to pursue a career in marketing and advertising.

“The staff at Mullen Lowe were really helpful and professional. They treated our students like staff and really helped them develop their ideas and look at tasks in a different way.”

The trip was organised by curriculum manager Sharon Wallace and has resulted in some of the students being offered work experience because of their great work.

When presenting their ideas to the People Partner at MullenLowe, Nancy Poysden, they were judged and given feedback. The winning team were then awarded £20 Amazon vouchers each for their great idea and pitch.

Mullen Lowe picture.png

Winning Student Ellis Bocking (far left) said, “It was a really good day. The company was very welcoming to us as students. We obviously weren’t as good as them, but they listened to us and our ideas and helped us develop them.

“Winning was great, but seeing our ideas being accepted by a professional company was amazing!”

At CONEL, we are always helping our students think beyond their course and are preparing them for the world of work. Our courses take students beyond the classroom and expose them to companies and situations that they can expect to face when they leave us.  Media students are have a range of extra curriculum activities and opportunities in the workplace. For example, we recently had a visit from Discovery Channel, who delivered an employability workshop with our Creative and Media and our ICT and Computing students.

If you want to find out more and kick start your career in Creative and Media, our website has all the information you need.

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