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Nathan finds his feet studying Travel and Tourism at Cambridge Regional College

Nathan Clarke
@CRC_College –  Following a difficult start to his secondary education, Nathan Clarke transferred to a specialist autistic school in Girton, Cambridge, where he thoroughly enjoyed his learning experience. Nathan was interested in studying business and attended an induction day at Cambridge Regional College but found that the environment didn’t really suit him. The college campus was large, and Nathan felt that the number of other learners would have impacted negatively on his anxiety levels. Following discussions with the course Tutor, Nathan was encouraged to consider Huntingdon campus as it delivered the same Business course, at a smaller campus with less numbers on roll.

Nathan was put in touch with the course tutor at Huntingdon, Megan and he immediately felt more at ease. During their initial meeting, Megan talked Nathan through the course content for Business and introduced him to Travel and Tourism as an alternative option that may appeal more to his interests and vibrant personality. After considering his options, Nathan opted to study Level 3 Travel & Tourism at the Huntingdon campus.

Nathan said, “The size of Huntingdon campus is very much more welcoming. It was quieter, smaller and I immediately felt that this would suit me as an individual.”

Megan said, “When I met Nathan, I could see that there was great potential for him to develop as an individual. Business was a great choice, but I felt the Travel and Tourism would provide him with a more varied overview with a business element. There was a personality waiting to come out. Nathan fit into the group from the outset and has been very successful on the course.”

Now that he has completed the first year of the Level 3 course, Nathan is beginning to think about his next steps and is keen to explore a new Higher Education programme at Cambridge University.

Nathan adds, “I would like to go to university. I am looking to study somewhere close to home and will be applying for the new Cambridge University Access route to higher education. In terms of a career, I am I am open to the options. My main goals are to work in a quiet environment that sees me paying the higher tax bracket by the time I am 30.”

After originally being told that he would be best suited a Level 2 qualification, Nathan has gone on to achieve Distinctions in all of his Level 3 units and reflects fondly on the strong friendships he has forged along the way.

Nathan concludes, “I would like to keep up the trend of distinctions as I move forward in my education. My advice to anyone considering Cambridge Regional College would be to visit both campuses. There are benefits to both, depending on individual requirements. Being around people can be a challenge for me and Huntingdon campus addressed that concern. It is smaller, less overwhelming, and ideal for those that struggle with crowds. It has seen me achieve success in my further education.”

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