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National Apprenticeship Week – How Can Businesses Find Their ‘Ronaldo’?

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If you’re a truly skilled sportsperson, there’s a chance you’ll be scouted before you’ve finished school. Within sports, it’s a common practice often resulting in the top professionals having started their ‘sports apprenticeship’ as young as six or seven.

However, if you show an early aptitude for the workplace, the same opportunities aren’t available to you at earlier ages. Why, exactly, can’t the young potential stars of industry be granted that helping hand at a younger age to set them up for the career they’re already showing a passion for?

In fact, new research commissioned by Arch Apprentices, to co-inside with National Apprenticeship Week suggests this is the real-world scenario that the vast majority of those in senior management positions would openly welcome. Indeed the need to support skilled young people within their industry to help nurture a new, bigger wave of talent would have industry-wide benefits.

This also provides an opportunity for young people to reach their professional peak earlier than ever before. With the age of board members getting younger and younger, it’s clear that potential needs to be harnessed and nurtured from a younger age.

Join our live debate with Leila Navabi, digital apprentice, Jason Moss, CEO of Arch Apprentices, Paul Hampson, Outreach Manager University of Westminster and Kiera Ashman, Bournemouth University student at 10:30am on Monday 5th March to which asks whether schools should do more to nurture young people with the skills for business.

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