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National Mentoring Day: Expert Commentary

Today is National Mentoring Day, which was launched to recognise the significant benefits of mentoring across the UK (@Skillsoft). 

Everyone has skills and experience to share, and National Mentoring Day aims to educate, inspire, connect and support mentoring to effect positive change and elevate mentoring throughout the world.

With UK job vacancies soaring to an all-time high in July, and two in five UK employees considering quitting their job, businesses that get their people strategies right are less likely to be affected by the great resignation and will be able to retain and attract the best people to work with. 

 Rashim Mogha, GM of Leadership and Business at Skillsoft:

“Employees are craving opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. This is one of the reasons for the ongoing wave of resignations, as employees seek out organisations that will truly invest in their professional growth. 

“National Mentoring Day serves as a reminder of the role that effective mentorship plays in an individual’s growth. Everyone needs a mentor – even the mentors themselves. There’s an opportunity for businesses to pivot from The Great Resignation to The Great Reinvention by implementing effective L&D programs. Bringing together training and coaching in the workplace for career advancement is a win-win, as employees will feel more fulfilled and gain new skills while organisations come out on top in the escalating talent war.”

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