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Nazarbayev Uni promotes importance of multilingualism through intensive summer language course


@NUedukz Nazarbayev University promotes importance of being multi-lingual through intensive summer language course

Speaking multiple languages is essential to the modern world and key to understanding and accessing the viewpoints of a wider cross-section of the population, says Dr. Amanda Murphy, Assistant Professor from the School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University.

In light of this, Nazarbayev University offers a Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES); an extensive academic programme where students can immerse themselves in the Russian or Kazakh languages and experience Kazakh and post-Soviet culture in the heart of Eurasia. The course is open to international students from undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as to working professionals. Students can choose an intensive course in either Russian or Kazakh, along with a weekly practical course in Kazakh Language and Culture.

NU is one of the few places in the world to offer the Kazakh language in a course. For students of Russian, studying at NU provides a window into the study of Post-Soviet Eurasian culture. Contact with local students on NU’s modern, well-equipped campus enables visiting students to experience immersive language study with minimal culture shock.

This course is appropriate for university students from around the world, who are interested in studying Russian or Kazakh, including complete beginners. The course is also excellent for postgraduate students who will use Russian or Kazakh in their research projects.

Dr. Murphy says,

“This language course is important because it makes it possible for students to make rapid progress in their study of Russian or Kazakh, offering 160 contact hours in an eight week period. Postgraduate students not only improve their language skills, but also make research contacts that help them to attain grants to continue their projects in Kazakhstan.”

Nazarbayev University is one of the leading research institutions in Eurasian studies, also offering an MA course in Eurasian Studies; the first of its kind to be offered in Kazakhstan and one of only a handful across the Eurasian region.

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