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New Apprenticeship Solutions Will Provide Improved Customer Service, Parts And Sales To Motorists

Motorists Set To See Improvements In Service As New Customer Service, Parts And Sales Apprenticeship Solutions Launched.

With businesses relying on staff working in customer service, parts and sales roles to deliver an outstanding customer experience, two new apprenticeship standards have been designed to upskill those people working on the frontline.

The professional body for the automotive sector, Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), have launched solutions for the two apprenticeship standards (Customer Service Practitioner Level 2, and Customer Service Specialist Level 3), enablingstaff to become experts in the products and/or services they are delivering.  

Apprentices will learn a range of skills, including business principles and practices – plus the importance of presentation and improving their face-to-face, telephone, digital and written communication. Each of the programmes are designed to upskill employees, as well as offer them the opportunity to learn new practices that will help further their career.  

Mark Armitage, Head of External Quality and Assessment Services at the IMI, said:

“We have worked closely with industry experts, to ensure the new customer service apprenticeship standards will support Apprentices in customer service, parts and sales roles, this will help to ensure staff within a business have well-rounded knowledge and skills which are not only role specific, but will also focus on excellent customer service. Being closely linked and requiring many of the same attributes, the industry group working with the IMI felt it was beneficial to employers and training providers to utilise these new standards to increase customer service skills across multiple job roles. Upskilling staff on a frequent basis is vital to the success of any business, and with automotive products and services changing at a record pace its important staff are given the tools to stay ahead of the game.  

“Government enforced a deadline of August 2020 for all apprenticeship frameworks in England to transition into new standards, and to help assist businesses and training providers to understand these changes the IMI has dedicated resource that focuses on helping them to be clear on how these changes will impact them.” 

Helping in the development of the Customer Service Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeship Standards, Dave Andrews from Kwik-Fit, said:

“Customers in our industry are now more knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, so providing a great customer experience is vital when ensuring future success. As a vehicle is generally the 2nd largest purchase our customers will make, they have every right to be more discerning when choosing a company to carry out routine maintenance or repairs. The Customer Service Apprenticeship Standard will be invaluable to our sector as it will help to not only meet but exceed their expectations, which can only raise the standards across the board and therefore increase customer confidence.”

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