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New blended learning CPD resources launch championing teacher voice

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BlendEd, an online programme of free professional development and resources for teachers to support blended learning pedagogy, has launched today (18.01.21)

The IBM-funded programme, which will be managed by Education Development Trust’s Connected Learning Centre (CLC), will support teachers delivering a blend of distance learning and face-to-face teaching.

Throughout the pandemic, the CLC has provided expert support for schools, teachers, pupils and parents – in the UK and elsewhere – as they have navigated remote learning and periods of school closure.

Sarah Horrocks, the Connected Learning Centre’s director said:

“As school closures continue in many parts of the world, and as the potential wider benefits of combining digital technologies and traditional classroom teaching have become more apparent, there is a clear need among educators for support which goes beyond emergency responses and digital upskilling to consider the pedagogy of blended learning; what makes for effective teaching and learning when digital technologies become part of the mix.

Building on 20 years of experience in digital professional development for teachers, we are very proud to launch BlendEd to meet this need.”

Uniquely, this innovative programme has been designed by teachers for teachers, to support the design of learning which makes the most of digital technologies – in classroom and from home, live and self-paced, in-person and online. The team has also ensured that all resources, videos and online courses are bite-sized, to enable teachers to develop their skills amid the existing significant demands on their time.

The programme has a strong focus on teacher voice and the site will feature interviews with teachers from across the UK, with special weekly input around a specific theme from secondary teacher Mark Martin, otherwise known as Urban Teacher.

Mark Martin, secondary school teacher and founder of UK Black Tech, said:

The BlendEd project is a gamechanger. Everyday teachers across the country are learning how best to combine remote and in-person learning. BlendEd will share our experiences and best practice, adding on expertise from CLC and IBM, making sure we have the best support possible to do the job we love”,

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