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New City & Guilds Maths and English report highlights key priorities and challenges for providers

New City & Guilds Maths and English report highlights key priorities and challenges for providers

From managing quality to learner engagement, recent research from City & Guilds shares key provider insights.

New research by City & Guilds has highlighted the priorities and challenges for providers of maths and English programmes in 2023 and beyond.

The survey collected the views of over 380 individuals involved with maths and English teaching and learning in the UK, across a range of roles and in a variety of 16-18 and adult education settings.

Key insights include:

  • Improving quality is a priority

The most common priority for those involved in maths and English delivery is improving the quality of their provision (64%).

  • Learner engagement is key

The factor that most respondents believe would help them achieve their priorities is increased learner interest and engagement (64%).

  • Employer understanding could be enhanced

People involved in the delivery of maths and English want employers to understand that maths and English skills are fundamental to all job roles and ages (68%) and that numeracy and literacy skill development has tangible benefits for employers (68%).

  • Government initiatives need consideration

Respondents want the government to ensure that maths and English programmes are suited to future workforce needs (24%) and only 42% support the government’s proposed plans to continue compulsory maths provision to the age of 18 in England.

Hilary Gwilliam, Senior Category Manager at City & Guilds said,

“Maths and English is a key priority in the City & Guilds agenda, as part of our commitment to helping people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth. Conducting research and understanding the maths and English capabilities required for the future employment landscape is critical to this purpose.”

Here at City & Guilds, we want to understand the objectives, challenges and views of our customers and wider stakeholders involved in delivering English and maths programmes. It enables us to shape our strategy, products and services to ensure that they effectively meet the needs of providers and learners within the education sector, now and into the future. It also informs how we communicate with our customers, highlighting where and how our existing offer can provide solutions that support current priorities.

Download our report to discover more results from our survey, as well as information about how City & Guilds continues to support you and your objectives.

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