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New technology driving impressive reading gains for primary school students

Pupils in more than 250 UK primary schools are achieving impressive reading gains because of an investment in reading technology.

Reading Plus, distributed in the UK by Reading Solutions UK, is a personalised online reading program designed to improve the reading fluency and comprehension, as well as increasing the confidence and motivation, of children in primary school and high school.

Pupils who have used the program for 30 hours during school hours have improved their reading ability by up to 2 years.

Michael Walker, Founder and Director at Reading Solutions UK, said: “Independent reading is a cornerstone of learning and can have a powerful effect on literacy achievement.

“If a child is unable to read then access the curriculum is limited and learning in other subjects like maths and science becomes more difficult, if not impossible. Research would also suggest that children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds can overcome socio-economic barriers to learning simply by developing a love for reading.”

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