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Nisai’s new UK management and leadership team is empowering women and promoting gender equality

Nisai breaks the barrier that stops women from progressing by promoting from within in their new UK management structure

Due to unprecedented growth and the expansion of their international business, Nisai has introduced a new UK management and leadership team consisting of all women.

The new members of the UK management team have been promoted from within the business based on their capability to lead.

Dhruv Patel, Chief Executive of Nisai, said:

“Nisai is expanding rapidly and these structural changes are paramount in the success of our company going forward. The women who are now leading our UK business are very capable and we are proud of them for developing their careers within Nisai. We believe in our people and I know the UK business is in safe hands with Victoria Reaney, our new UK General Manager as I focus more on our overseas expansion.”

Victoria Reaney, Nisai’s UK General Manager, commented:

“When looking at the restructure and the UK framework, I was overwhelmed when I realised that all of the UK management and leadership positions were female. These leaders and managers have had a holistic employment experience (including myself) and have reached their current positions naturally through commitment, passion and hard work. We hear so much in the news and on social media about women not being able to develop professionally, however, I think Nisai breaks that barrier and I am so proud to work for a company who endorse inclusivity and encourage staff progression.”

According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, empowering women and promoting gender equality (goal 5) in the workplace is essential. By identifying those that not only are the best people for the job but also those that demonstrate commitment, achievement and capability, Nisai has shown true support to this goal and aim to make an impact on the wider SDGs through education going forward.

About Nisai: We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world. It is our mission to give traditional and non-traditional learners the skills to flourish through innovative education and by influencing positive institutional change. We provide an inclusive, social and student-focused environment that welcomes learners of all backgrounds.

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