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Novatech Ltd, a specialist technology provider support the University of Portsmouth’s Motion Capture department

UK Technology provider Novatech Ltd partner up with the University Of Portsmouth’s Motion Capture team to supply high-end specialist equipment to assist their students learning. 

The University Of Portsmouth has been running the Motion Capture Studio for over 10 years, where they use specialist optical systems to deliver a professional, industry-relevant experience of motion capture to the students of the university.  They use the latest technology to explore cutting edge areas of development such as virtual production, virtual reality in VFX and gaming. 

Motion capture is the process of using computer tracking to capture the movement of people, objects and animals for use in television, film and gaming character creations. Using specialist software and camera you can track the movement to generate a digital skeleton that can then be used to drive a digital character creation. 

One particular project that Novatech has supported the Motion Capture Studio with is Fatherland, the partnership started at the Digital Catapult in London where the University was awarded money to build a prototype to explore using live motion capture and VR in a live theatre production. The challenge faced throughout this project was achieving real-time live output (90 frames per second) however Novatech were able to supply powerful Workstations with the right hardware to overcome this issue.

Alex Counsell, Faculty Technical Adviser at the University commented about the partnership with Novatech “off the shelf solutions for projects such as Fatherland are not ideal so its best for us to work with suppliers like Novatech who listen to our requirements and deliver a bespoke hardware solution which is tailored specifically to the needs of our project…”

“…When approaching Novatech to work on our Fatherland project I straight away asked for the highest possible spec of computers and the latest GPUs, the team at Novatech were great and offered us two PCs meeting all of our requirements making this project a huge success” 


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