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NUS Scotland manifesto launch: When students lead society wins

When Students Lead’: NUS Scotland general election campaign and manifesto launch

NUS Scotland have launched their general election manifesto calling on all candidates to back Scotland’s students in demanding change.Student leaders across the country (Wednesday 6 November) are calling for students to make sure their voice is heard in the upcoming election, by registering and using their vote come polling day on 12 December.

This comes as NUS Scotland, NUS Wales, NUS USI, and NUS UK Presidents launched the collective general election NUS campaign ‘When Students Lead’, with accompanying manifestos in different parts of the UK today.

The NUS Scotland manifesto calls on political parties to back policies that will not just benefit students, but reshape society for the better.

The manifesto demands a People’s Vote, increased investment in education and public services with more funding available to the Scottish Government, an end to the damaging impact of Universal Credit to students, UK government action to tackle the climate emergency, votes at 16, opposition to voter ID, and more. 

Commenting, NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe said:

“For too long, student voices have been ignored and disregarded by the UK Government. This general election is our opportunity to change that. “Whether it be the damaging Brexit process which continues to erode student opportunities and funding, the effects of a hostile, dehumanising immigration system for student migrants, or sustained cuts to education budgets throughout the country, students must make their voices heard and vote for change.

“We are demanding a final say on any Brexit deal agreed by the UK Parliament, a properly funded education system and an accessible, open democratic process, ensuring votes at 16 and opposing the introduction of voter ID.  

 “NUS Scotland has been at the forefront of fighting for education, equality and social justice throughout our history. We will continue to ensure Scotland’s students are heard and we will be across the country uniting our movement to vote on 12 December.”  

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