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Outdated #EdTech equals lost teaching time

As the old adage goes, size matters – and nowhere is that as true as in the classroom, where teaching equipment is vital for every pupil’s education.

Recent research has shown that ‘cheap seats’ exist in UK schools: children sitting far away from the screen, or at the peripheries of a classroom, are unable to benefit from the same learning experience as everyone else.

But size isn’t the only feature that must be taken into consideration when tooling up a classroom. Technology must ensure an inclusive learning experience for each child and equipment must be as time-efficient as possible.

With time in education being so precious, it is important that not a second is wasted. Unfortunately, old and outdated technology is doing exactly that.

A waste of precious time

When it comes to poorly performing or outdated classroom tech, teachers find that a lot of time is lost in the classroom each week when trying to overcome the challenges presented by old or outdated equipment.

Research shows that a third (31%) of teachers lose 1-2 hours a week, grappling with old display equipment; over a quarter (29%) lose 3-4 hours, and one-in-ten loses 5-6 hours a week, which translates to over an hour a day.

The key to increased pupil engagement

Well-performing tech isn’t just the key to saving time in the classroom. More than three-quarters (76%) of teachers think that having better display technology in their classrooms would more effectively engage their pupils, whilst more than half (56%) find also that pupils react better to teaching which makes use of a projector.

A level educational playing field

Creativity and engagement isn’t the only benefit of better in-school tech. Research has revealed that the display technology used in many schools is restricting the viewing, and thus learning, experience of many pupils, and having a detrimental effect on their education.

Simone Martorina, Business Manager VI, Epson UK

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