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PopFizz Announces Free 3D Art Coding Workshop for Girls in Partnership with Chicktech

Using the concept of bringing art to life, this 3D Art workshop will focus on creating interactive 3D objects using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

PopFizz Computer Science, a comprehensive platform that provides Computer Science courses for middle and high school teachers and students, announced their one day free coding workshop for girls in high schools in partnership with Chickteck that will focus on 3D objects using Javascript, HTML and CSS. The aim of the workshop is to get girls more excited about computer science and providing them with the opportunity to learn how to code.

“As a woman in tech, it has become my personal mission to help girls play a leading role in the tech field” said Jane Lee, CEO and Founder of PopFizz CS.

“This internal drive and passion for computer science has led me to found PopFizz. Working with Chicktech in designing this workshop has a very special meaning to me. I hope we get more opportunities to help girls develop their skills and join this very competitive workforce” she also added.

“The theme of this workshop, which will take place on March 30th from 10 am to 4 pm at Holberton School in San Francisco is called “Bring Art to Life through 3D Optics” where we will explore on how to create interactive 3D objects using Javascript, HTML and CSS” Jane Lee said. 

“Chicktech supports women and girls interested in furthering their education in STEM related fields, and by partnering with PopFizz CS we’ve been able to expand our reach in the local community and beyond. We’re currently working with PopFizz in the Bay Area, but we look forward to collaborating with them on many fronts” said Kelsey Carter, Workshop Coordinator for Chicktech.

About PopFizz Computer Science: A one stop solution for teaching and learning computer science at Middle and High Schools. PopFizz CS provides automated code grading system, real time progress tracker and ready-made assignments, labs, and exams so that anyone can start teaching computer science.

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