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Promote-Ed has launched to encourage Positive Change for Education

Promote-Ed forum

Why Promote-Ed? Time for Positive Change

The website and forum have been launched to promote all aspects of education, starting with post 16.

It is time for the sector to come together under one umbrella, to be able to be open, share ideas and learn from one and other. Promote-Ed will not be judgemental or personal. TIME FOR POSITIVE CHANGE HAS ARRIVED

All providers, whether they be Schools, Colleges, Private Training Providers, Third Sector Providers, Employers or HE Providers are all doing their best to serve their clients and learners as best they can, often in difficult circumstances, no more so than in the past 2 years where there has been changing policy, confusing and often late publication of rules and regulations and a lack of transparency over many matters. In summary, they deserve better to enable them to deliver better services to their learners.

Promote-Ed has brought together a leading provider, the Apprenticeship Directory to bring about Positive Change for the sector. We will become with the support of the sector, the leading provider of news content, debate and a positive route for change across the education spectrum.

Lindsay McCurdy – CEO of the Apprenticeship Directory and Apprenticeships4England said:

I am delighted to be working with the Promote-Ed team to launch this new initiative for the sector. We will harness the extensive network of users to deliver influence and positive change. We will work with the Promote-Ed team to put on class leading training and events for the sector, using an innovative approach to charging and ‘giving back’ to the sector we serve”.

Sarah Marples, founder of Promote-Ed said:

“The idea for Promote-Ed came from the experiences my husband, nephew and I suffered in the past 15 months which must never be repeated.

“This is my second Ed-Tech business and I am determined, with the support of both Gavin and Lindsay, that we will together become the leading voice in the education sector, influencing positive change, removing confusion and promoting all that is good about the sector.

“I have funded this venture myself and with my team at Promote-Ed, I am determined to make a difference.

“Promote-Ed will concentrate on building forums for positive change and influence. We will produce content but will use the influence of others to distribute that content initially and increasing traction in the market”.

Training and Conferences

Demand for training and conferences still remains. All three organisations will shortly announce our programme of training for 2020, high quality, relevant, and value for money with an emphasis on giving back to the sector which we serve.

So, what now?

Log on to today and register on our forums and join us on the journey to a Positive Change.

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