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Quizlet launches explanations, providing students and teachers with step-by-step guidance written and verified by experts

Quizlet (@quizlet), the global learning platform known for its #AI-powered study tools, has expanded its offering, with explanations enabling students to learn through in-depth problem-solving.

Explanations will mean that students can practice and apply learnings on their own, providing learners with step-by-step solutions to problem sets from popular textbooks, written and verified by experts.

As a companion guide, Quizlet explanations guide learners through millions of practice problems aligned with thousands of textbooks. Key features include the step-by-step reveal, which gives students the opportunity for self-guided learning, moving through problems at their own pace and testing their own approaches. Solution steps, that are carefully written and verified by a team of subject matter experts, providing reasoning for all elements of the problem like a tutor would, and ensuring that students grasp the underlying concepts. Finally, multiple explanations are designed to tackle the intricate problems that can be solved in different ways, providing students with opportunities for deeper comprehension and extra practice.

“As students progress throughout their education, we know a greater proportion of their learning becomes self-directed and happens outside of class time, through hours of studying and assignments,” said Matthew Glotzbach, CEO of Quizlet.

“For many students, the self-reliance involved with learning becomes more acute as the stakes get higher and the subjects get more advanced. It’s not easy to find help either, as the pandemic has made resources such as study groups and office hours even more difficult to access while today’s student is juggling school, work, family and other pressures.”

At Quizlet, we know that students are constantly faced with the ongoing challenge of needing to be self-motivated and self-guided in their learning. Explanations are particularly helpful for understanding deeper concepts related to maths, science, and other topics where students are seeking to understand step-by-step processes and different ways to solve complicated problems.

For students heading back to school and starting the new academic year, Quizlet is also taking a refreshed look at the evolution and growth of the company as it continues to support students’ modern learning needs. The launch of explanations and brand refresh comes at a time when Quizlet is experiencing continued momentum with over 60 million monthly active users. Quizlet’s comprehensive study platform includes learning activities from digital flashcards to quizzes and games, an AI-powered Learning Assistant and now, deep expert-guided explanations to support students’ self-learning needs throughout the school year.

For students, explanations are free for students and teachers on Quizlet. Anyone with a Quizlet Plus subscription can also access A-level prep and higher education explanations at no additional cost.

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