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Newly qualified teacher (NQT) and provider-level response rates: exploratory research

Latest FE Choices Data is released

Exploratory research commissioned to provide practical recommendations for future implementation of the NQT survey.


NQT and provider-level response rates: exploratory research

Ref: ISBN 978-1-78105-923-4, DFE-RR83PDF, 1.1MB, 32 pages


The annual NQT survey monitors NQTs’ experiences of training.

To date the survey has been run as an online census but, due to falling response rates, the survey has changed to a sample survey. This means that provider-level analysis is no longer available.

This research:

  • investigates trends in response rates across a number of surveys to explore if teacher response rates are unusually low
  • identifies specific issues that may affect NQT survey responses
  • identifies ways to increase response rates

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